Website Building

All rates are Including Taxes and Unlimited everything lifetime, Domain name renewal is only need to be paid after 1 year.
Website Rates.
Official websites   
Rs. 7200/- Only
E-commerce websites (Normal Online Shop Creation)
Rs.22,000/- Only
Question-and-answer websites     
Rs. 8,999/- Only
Matrimonial Website
Rs.10,999/- Only
Online dictionaries  
Rs.12,999/- Only
News websites (text and pictures only)  
Rs.18,999/- Only
Photo studio websites
Rs.16,999/- Only
Photo sharing websites (text and pictures only)
Rs.42,999/- Only
About food and drink websites (text and pictures only)
Rs.15,999/- Only
Chat websites & Social Media(text and pictures, emoticons only)
Rs.92,999/- Only
Educational video websites
Rs.32,799/- Only
Video sharing websites
Rs.42,999/- Only
Music/Video Albums/eBooks (E-Download) websites
Rs.45,999/- Only
Social networking websites
Rs.54,999/- Only
Music/Video Albums/Books (physical delivery) websites
Rs.62,999/- Only
Video game websites
Rs.94,999/- Only
E-commerce websites (For Corporate Business)
Rs.1, 20,000/- Only
Please Note!
Any extra facility like, adding video, audio, picture or Payment Gateway to the packs will cost extra.